Celebrates and investigates humans, genders and diversity.
I aim to challenge conventional norms and beauty canons.

About the project
We live in a society in which we can create our own virtual identity, bring out the best and hide the worse of us behind filters and other technological artificial transformations. We follow people, judge them by their public profile without ever meeting or talking to them, without ever discovering who is behind the mask. Social network in a world draped with a veil of aesthetics.

The purpose of The Puffy World Project is to use these digital customs. By connecting with people I follow on social networks and getting to know them in real life, I made this project the hammer that breaks the mirror of a distant perfection but only to reconstruct these filters on my own way, edit it according to my own codes. The word « Puffy » here can be understood as « exaggeration ». The project refers to our generation, dominated by the importance of self-building image, and shaping perfect fictional lives. Why don’t we just embrace our differences, pride what we were born with and honor where we come from ?

We are at a turning point in our vision of what’s beautiful, understanding that there isn’t just one unique form. My work celebrates and investigates humans, genders and diversity. I aim to challenge conventional norms and beauty canons, and present an alternate reality, an other world. Through my work and my fascination with pink shades I offer an ironic interpretation of « la vie en rose ».

Photography and makeup: Minh Fâ
Models : Clément Rekut, Camille T, Tom Marcq, Angela Sichanh, Jeremy S, Yann Barbellion, Kali, Flora S, Laura D, Ian Bgs, Mina Emka, Eden D, Eva Lopez, Jason Charbit, Chyna Yung-Lee, Slighty Maitrel, Eva Corbyn, Wardak, Van Anh Truong, Vincent B, Soa

About the artist
Passionate about visual arts since my young age, I went very early in the creative field. I am now a graphic designer in Paris.

In my spare time, I nourish my passion for photography by inviting virtual knowledge to the pink wall to get their portrait shot.

I spent two years exploring and writing a paper about gender norms in cosmetics. I studied how the gap between masculinity and femininity is dug, how is orchestrated the stereotypes of feminine and masculine to push the society to targeted purchases. This project stems from a desire to offer another vision at that society, to create a new world with a new aesthetic filter on reality.

I see portraiture as a way to explore forms of identity, self-expression and want to break the boundaries between the ideals of gender and beauty.