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Height : 6′ | Chest : 40″ | Waist : 30″ | Shirt : Medium | Pants : 32 | Shoes : 10 | Hair : Blonde | Eyes : Brown

Trevor Franklin is a fitness fanatic. Living in Chelsea, Manhattan, Trevor is a founding instructor with Element and a trainer in Performix House. He was scouted by an agent on Facebook and hasn’t stopped modelling since. Currently, with over 66K followers on his Instagram, you can check out what he is up to as he regularly posts photographs of his daily life.

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?

I live in Chelsea, Manhattan. I work at Performix house as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. It is exciting, very fast-paced with a lot of opportunities.

Can you tell us how you got into modelling?

I was scouted by an agent on Facebook about three years ago. I flew to NYC for some test shoots, and they went really well. When I first moved to the city I was with an agency, I now do more freelance work.

Do you remember what it was like the first time you modelled? How many shoots have you done so far, and how do you feel nowadays when you stand in front of the camera?

The first few shoots were definitely terrifying and awkward. Since then, I’ve probably done close to 100 shoots, maybe more. They’re much easier now, and I feel much more comfortable and confident.

Who is the best photographer you’ve shot with so far?

I honestly love the majority of the photographers I’ve shot with. It would be unfair to pick one as my favorite.

If you could be the face of a brand, which brand would it be?

Probably Rhone. I work really closely with a lot of the guys on their team, and I’m a huge fan of what they stand for and the mission statement of the brand.

You are a founding instructor with Element, and you are a trainer in Performix House. Obviously, you are extremely fit, and it shows with your body. How do you juggle your time between modeling, training/working in the gym, and personal time?

I think that solid planning is the way to go. I try to schedule a time for myself just as diligently as I schedule a time for my clients and shoots. That way, I have a life balance.

You are also an ambassador for Theragun. How did you become their ambassador?

I became their ambassador shortly after joining the Performix team. They work very closely together and were looking to add some team members.

What is your typical diet? Is it challenging to maintain a body like yours?

My typical diet consists of about 80% eating clean and 20% eating whatever I want. I typically maintain a daily caloric deficit of about 200-400 calories, which helps me maintain leanness. It’s only as difficult as I make it. I have been consistent with my training for about eight years now, so it’s all I know.

What’s your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goal is to impact as many people as I can in a positive light and use my platform for health and wellness.


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