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Introducing M│O│R│N

H│I│S│T│O│R│Y M│O│R│N is the creation of Mauro Valenziano, trained fashion designer and tailor, who comes from a rich, Italian practice of haute-couture tailoring. After studying fashion at Central Saint Martin in London, Mauro founded his company VALMA. M│O│R│N is his latest project, combining fine garments with an outside-the-box, contemporary-Nordic twist. […]

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DHENZE – Kollektion 2

Growing up in communist East Berlin, where dress-was-uniform, the designer and driving force behind DHENZE saw a great deal of change. Shaped by experiences from both Berlin and London, where DHENZE moved in early 2004; the designer has found inspiration both aesthetically and philosophically within the creative haven of Hackney, […]

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Martha Margarita Papalla’s Collection – STMNA

Martha Margarita Papalla’s Master collection STMNA is inspired by the question if we are ambitious or megalomaniac in our today’s society. To translate the discrepancy to the viewer, she created strong and self-reliant shapes which go hand in hand with fitted and intimate materials. Wide shapes emphasize our megalomania to […]

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Zack Lo 2017 Collection – In The Glimmer

About the collection “As an artist, I have always been drawn to myth-making and storytelling. In the Glimmer was inspired by that alchemical moment, when you look into the shadows and suddenly see a flicker of light, the shine off of something mysterious that calls you closer. I often experience […]

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