Flügel der Freiheit, photography by Hadar Berl for HUF Magazine

“This series of pictures symbolizes emotions that one goes through in a lifetime. It starts with honesty, which we all aspire to have. A transparent veil we need to keep in order to see the true color. Courage, a mix of personalities in the seek to find that true one. Trying different things in order to see which ones fits the puzzle. Friendship, without it we cannot be fulfilled. A true one, in which a symbiosis is created between elements, for the entirety to prevail. Pride, a state we all know well. In which everything comes together for a second when you put a crown on yourself. Anger/Rage/Chaos appears from time to time, unforgiving, putting fog onto the clear horizon, mixing feelings and emotions, creating a vortex from which you have to escape. Love, the source of it all. It’s so simple, yet so complex. So easy, yet so hard. Wanted, but sometimes unfound. And still … the thin that unites and offers infinite powers.”Hadar Berl

Photographer: Hadar Berl
Makeup: Andra Durnea
Model: Daria Sadkovski