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All the contents in our print issues are time exclusive, which means that none of the editorials that you see in the print issues were publish before we do. We also feature exclusive interviews with creatives around the world, who will inspire you and give you their advise. Get creative, get inspired. Read HUF Magazine. 


Issue 26
(Printed Issue available in magazine and hardcover book format.)

- Interview with underwear model Gabor Heygi
- Heidi Rondak - Salvador Junior
- Jono Photography - Confessions
- Tré & Elmaz - Fine Lines
- Cristina Robles - At The Palace
- Irvin Rivera - Ain’t Nobody’s Business
- Hengyi Liang - Street Fighter
- Robert Paul Kothe - Velvet
- F&G Photography - Showboy
- Matthew Vita - One of a Kind



Issue 25
(Printed Issue available in magazine and hardcover book format.)

- Interview with professional beauty and fashion photographer Thomas Knieps
- Peter Yip – Temptation
- Thomas Wawrzyniak – Generation 80s
- André Ferreira – All Day Long
- Benedikt Ernst – Fashion Insanity
- Cathrine Laura – Botanical Beauty
- Tarik Carroll – F**k With me (You Know I Got It)
- Tobias Wirth – The Man Who Fell To Earth
- Jeroen Van Lelieveld – Radiant Vintage



Issue 24
(Printed Issue available in magazine and hardcover book format.)

- Interview with professional fashion photographer Julia Kiecksee
Lars Weber – Shade City
Jemima Marriott – Rainbow Of Chaos
Stephan Glathe – Island Getaway
Anna Schnauss – About A Fish
Tussunee Roadjanarungtong – Flowers of Shanghai
Shyn Midili – Freakishly Beautiful
Sarah Rebekka – Insect Beauty
Diane Betties – The Wool For The Trees
Hanna Odras – Untamed



Issue 23
(Printed Issue available in magazine and hardcover book format.)

- Interview with professional Rugby League footballer and fitness model Stuart Reardon
Ellin Anderegg – Brooklyn
Marcus May – The Fishman And His Soul
Viktoria Stutz – Colour Crystals
Imke Panhuijzen – Midnight Paradise
Ulrich Hartmann – Small Town Boy
Dino Busch – HK Kid
Teddy Marks – Morphosa
Shaelah Ariotti – Colour Cascade
Nacer Paul – Le Supreme Supermodel



Issue 22

- Interview with professional fashion, beauty and commercial photographer Roberto Aguilar
- Sarah Dulay – Modern Cowboy
- Dimitri Burtsev – Urban Glam
- Susan Van Treel – Gifted Beauty
- Katja Kat – Dreaming in Blue
- Peter Yip – Savage Beauty
- Roberto Aguilar – Equus
- Thomas Knieps – Jewels From Chiaroscuro
- Michael Hoff – Xuits



Issue 21

- Interview with professional commercial photographer Leon Run
Fernando Martinez – Mistika
Maximilian Kamps – Black Autum
Marcus Witte – Club Magdelena
Jemima Marriott – Siren
Kathrin Müller-Heffter – Charli & Sam
Denis Ignatov – Wonderland
Lex Aliviado – Revolt
Patrick Jendrusch – The Cell



Issue 20

- Interview with professional fashion photographer Jenny Brough
Manny Roman – Coney Island
Reno Mezger – Glam up
Leon Run – Over Heated
David Reiss – I-White
Efi Zachou – Mullholland Sunset
Goncalo M. Catarino – Mujyo
Reno Mezger – 1 on One



Issue 19

- Interview with professional photo retoucher Marina Dean-Francis
– Interview with male model photographer Paul Reitz- This Is How I See The World
Anya Kozyreva – Angel
Carlos Teixeira – Androgen Ride
Gabriel Rega – Smart Lights
Arkadiusz Jankowski – Spring Break
Manny Roman – City Heat
Mara Hernández – Dark Vintage
Tobias Fröhner – Cloudy Skies
Karolina Amberville – The Warrior
Julia Kiecksee – Timeless Man


HUF Magazine Issue18

Issue 18

- Interview with fashion designers – Jesus & Antonio Estrada
- Interview with fashion models The Norris Twins – Two is Better Than One
Steven Paul – Beauty – Art on a Human Scale
Raul Tejero – On the Road
Sara Merz – Shine On
José Tió – Chinese Night
Amparito Sebastia – Lebanese Jewel Blond
Roberto Aguilar – Cash is Queen
Jorge Rivas – Blonde Ambition
Raen Badua – Envy’s Rooftop
Diogo Pereira – Girls will be Girls


HUF Magazine Issue 17

Issue 17

- Interview with male model Kenneth K.P. Guidroz – I am ME!
– Interview with Águeda López – Spanish beauty queen, model and devoted mother
Patrick Styrnol – The Last Days of The Summer
Daniela Schleker – Brash Youth
Scarlett Werth – This is Nowehere
Leonard Poteat – First Light
Michael Bader – Dark Romance
Patrick Jendrusch – La Semaine
Jenny Brough – La Diosa De Oro
Marianna Mukuchyan – Expressing Perfection


HUF Magazine Issue 16

Issue 16

- Interview with body artist Neil Hughes – Making Fantasy a Reality
- Interview with fashion hair stylist Francky L’Official – Great Hair – It’s Official
Swantje Newbohn – Lex
Carole Cortese – Sudden Turn
Robert Paul Kothe – Cosmo Girl
Alexander Jordan – Desolate Dreamer
Paul Reitz – Bag Naked
Fabian Altmann – Night becomes Earlier
Matteo Felici – Carambola
Tobias Wirth – La Femme Couleur
Jemima Marriott – Oh Boy


HUF Magazine Issue 15

Issue 15

- Interview with former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza
– Interview with fashion designer Laend Phuengkit – A Fusion of the Asia and the European
– Interview with fashion photographer Sonny Tong – Keeps on Going
– Interview with fashion designer Rami Kashou – Translating Information on the Runway
Michael Oprtiz – Height Boy
Tony Veloz – Asesina
Fabian Frost – InfraCity
Manny S – Modern Boys
Nikolaus Gruenwalk – Broken Flower
Clara Copley – Prints of Nature
Jenny Brough – Color Blind
Swantje Neubohn – Colorful Powder


HUF magazine Issue14

Issue 14

- Interview with photographer Eleanor Leonne Bennett – Living The Dream, Sweet 16
– Interview with fashion model Asia Anderson – Always Believe in Yourself
– Interview with fashion stylist Oliver Vaughn – Legally Stylish
Matteo Felici – Solleone
Jessica Pepper Peterson – Flora
José Tió – When The Sun Goes Down
Thomas Synnamon – Lush
Ulrich Lindenthal – Road Movies
Scarlett Werth – Summer Breeze
Jenny Brough – After Hours
Sebastian Land – Lingerie


HUF magazine Issue13

Issue 13

- Interview with Manny Roman – M.R. Fashion Photographer
– Interview with Oxygen Model Management Agency – The M Word
– Interview with freelance illustrator Sandrine Pagnoux
– Stylist Charles Ampadu – Dawn of the New Man
Manny Roman – Summer Heat
Wander Aguia – Striking The Rules
Jenny Brough – Idaho
Edgar Berg – Things are Easy
Manny S – Trinity of Love
Morgan Chidsay – Summer Rain
Marc Huth – White Lies


HUF magazine Issue12

Issue 12

Interview with Richardo Muñiz – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
– Interview with Dominique Reighard – The One and Only
– Interview with Wander Aguiar – I do It Because I Love It
– Stylist Charles Ampadu – Spring Force
Darren Black – Miss Coco
Misty Madonna – Electric Chapel
Leonard Poteat – A Foreign Affair
Efl Zachou – Sheer Tease
Tobias Wirth – Humide
Alicia Freksa – Seduction
– Introducing Illustrator Sandrine Pagnoux
Sean Scott – Urban Legends
Manny S – The Man Who Sold The World
Thomas Synnamon – Crimson
Ulrich Lindenthal – Abseits


HUF magazine Issue11

Issue 11

- Interview with Francisco De Souza – Making This World a Better Place
Stylist Charles Ampabu – When The City Call
– Interview with Tony Veloz – Minimalistic, Sexy and Beautiful
Rick Day – The Stenmark Twins
Wander Aguiar – The Broken Feather
Jorge Rivas – Beautiful String
Leonard Poteat – …Than a Brown Paper Bag
– Stylist Charles Ampabu – Five in Form, Girl in The City
Junior Queirós – Strange Feelings
Daniel Erne – Impulsion
Julia Kiecksee – Garden of Angels
Benjo Arwas – Beauty in 3D
Ricardo Muñiz – Amor Manimal


HUF Magazine Issue 10

Issue 10

- Interview with Darren Black – A New Generation of Top Photographer
Sheena Sakai – Model Citizen
Tony Veloz – Darkness Falls
– Interview with Daniel Regan – Without a Doubt
Charles Ampadu – Fall & Rise
Major Malfunction – Evil, Dark & Gruesome
Dan Stern – Fascination with Street Photography
Marc Huth – Fade Away
Eugene Lin A/F Collection – Inspired by Madusa
– Mademoiselle D’Acier


* The management team of HUF Magazine changed entirely since Issue 10.  For that reason, issue 1 to issue 9 of HUF Magazine are no longer available.