Samsara SS17 Collection – No Body No Mind

Samsara is an independent fashion label based out of Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2015, creator Tarpley Brooks Jones set out to reflect Buddhist awareness through fashion design. With his first garments garnering success and stockists around the world, Jones has spent 2016 taking the next step in design through use of eco friendly fabrics while maintaining the casual, sport feel to create minimal, high quality garments with comfort and edge.

This aesthetic translated into the SS17 collection No Body No Mind that just finished touring with an experimental performance with LA Fashion Week, and then showings at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Mexico Fashion Week with Crom Magazine. The collection features a cast of natural tones manipulated into many oversized, comfortable constructions with heavy use of extra big zippers. Maybe the most unique feature of the collection is the use of hemp denim that is created into athletic inspired garments such as crop top jackets and basketball shorts that is normally not associated with denim.

With such success early in the brand’s development, it is clear that Samsara is gaining recognition from the global fashion community through its unique, and innovative approach to eco friendly fashion garments, and it will be a force moving forward.

Photographer: James Perolls
Makeup: Nicole Paiserbska
Designer: Samsara
Models: Michelle Wegner, Laura Isabella, Irina Novicz, Яша Яшок, Luisa Re and Emeli Myake

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