The Broadway Diners, photography by Ricardo Muñiz for HUF Magazine

“Diners are disappearing in NY at an alarming rate for many reasons, but mainly because younger people are demanding specialty restaurants that claim to be organic and the real estate market is making rents too astronomical for mom and pop places to survive anymore.

This story celebrates the immigrants for whom the diner was a way of life and a route to integration, and it honors the era in time, the 50s and 60s, when the diner was synonymous with home.

I did this story to celebrate the old diners of the Manhattan Valley section of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This is a very unique neighborhood in upper Manhattan because it borders three major parks (Central Park, Riverside Park and Morningside Park), it features the super wealth of Columbia University, the poverty of Harlem, the bastion of liberal Jewish thinking, a large Puerto Rican and Dominican immigrant community, and the largest cathedral in the world at St. John the Divine. I’ve been living here over 25 years in one apartment or another.”Ricardo Muñiz

Photographer: Ricardo Muñiz
Stylist: Joseph Mbeh
Makeup and Grooming: Charles Zambrano
Models: Anthony Flora @ Red NYC and James DeLury @ YU Models
Locations: Broadway Diner at 2664 Broadway, Metro Diner at 2641 Broadway and Manhattan Diner at 2532 Broadway

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Ricardo Muniz
December 18, 2016 at 5:33 am

Gracias por tu apoyo.

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