Swain McCaughrin Headpieces Collection – Crystal Habit Forming_

Swain McCaughrin is a Berlin-based visual artist, working in multiple mediums including paper, acrylics, oils, and 3D printed materials. Her wearable sculptures, inhabiting the name MISASSEMBLED, are collections of geometric forms, focusing on headpieces, body sculptures, and jewelry. Her latest series of headpieces called “Crystal Habit Forming” is based on […]

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Stefan Steiner Menswear SS17 Collection – Deindustrialization

About Stefan Steiner Menswear SS17 Collection For the new Stefan Steiner’s menswear Spring Summer 2017 collection, he has selected a cement factory for the photo-shoot. A deindustrialized place from another era. The factory buildings are partly demolished and is used as a studio for start-ups. The clothes are aimed at […]

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Virivee SS17 Collection

Virivee Tights has launched its new summer collection with simple and elegant models that will definitely draw attention to the legs. Virivee is one of the world’s small and independent tights brands. It was founded with Kickstarter help four years ago and since then they have designed more than a […]

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ZSIGMOND DORA menswear AW17 Collection

A/W17 / ABOUT THE COLLECTION The inspiration for the latest collection was found in the legendary Hungarian movie director, Miklós Jancsó’s outstanding creation, The Round-up. Not only the story, but also the imagery and the perspective of Jancsó had a huge impact on the designer. The venue of the film […]

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