Exclusive interview with Hangna Sohn Koh for HUF Magazine Issue 38

Fashion stylist and creative director extraordinaire, Hangna Sohn Koh fuses the best in creativity and style.

Many creatives discover their creativity unexpectedly. Despite creativity running through Hangna’s veins (both her mother and father are creative souls), it took a while for Hangna to settle on it as a career. Immersing oneself within a supportive environment allows creativity to flow. Hangna’s talent, determination and vision, together with her parents encouragement, led her to follow her dreams. And in following those dreams, Hangna has succeeded. She is a professional Creative Director and Stylist. She is alive with a passion.


“I first studied fashion design in an Australian high school, where I won my first award for third place. I was then accepted to study psychology in Australia but realised I wanted to stay in the fashion industry and moved back to Japan to start again.

“My father was a geographical photographer and my mum was a product designer, so I have always been surrounded by an artistic background. “Father travelled the world taking photographs of scenery, the people, and captured everything he found beautiful. I do some photography myself, but when I tried and sought advice from my father, he would simply observe what I did; with his small reactions that I could manage to see, I would be left to guess if he liked it or not. I remember when I first told my father that I was leaving Japan for London only a few days before hand, he said to me, “Just make sure you are happy. Try styling, try photography, just try and see the options and figure out what you love doing most. If all else fails, just come back home. The fact that he never forced me once to do something regarding my future, the freedom he gives me and the subtle way he tries to teach me, all play a part in how I see and look at art.


“My mother designed chairs, tables, drawers, cups and saucers at Studio Kita Designs. At the moment she teaches pottery at an international school I used to go to in Japan. She is also in her second year as a post graduate student at Kyoto University of Art and Design, studying two courses of Pottery BA and also Museum Curator for a certificate. She is forever doing something with her life and seeing her do this motivates me so much. My mother (fondly referred to the nickname Ka-ka, in Japanese) always told me I work too hard and need to learn how to take more breaks! I think I am a bit of a workaholic. I remember one time she told me…continue reading our exclusive interview with Hangna Sohn Koh in HUF Magazine issue 38


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