Giulia Farencena Casaro Collection – Pray For Me

About the collection

A cry of sweet rebellion what it broadcasts the collection of Giulia Farencena Casaro.
Clerical inspiration get mixed to the wish of freedom influenced by the “Off The Grid” movement. Erik Satie, the nonconformist composer who had given birth to his personal religion refusing to accept society’s values. A religious criticism underlined through “Pray for Paris” hashtag influence of social networks. Are humans silently guided by community shepherds?

The designer plays with the established symbol of Christian “PAX” turning it to a hashtag patch. The “Off the Grid” movement which pushes to refuse society and acquire a more sustainable and modern lifestyle. A clear revolt also in the fabrics, using moulds (personally cultivated by the designer) as decorative motif which devours our withering society.

A male collection that underlines the strength of being different. The intensity of the collection’s message tears apart the physical and psychological constraint, encouraging the elevation of one’s spirit and thoughts. A collection that stirs up to call into question: has Religion lost its meaning? Would it make more sense to find one’s own spirituality?

Biography: Diletta Caparrotti
Concept: Eva Bagnoli
Both currently studying at their 4th year of “Fashion Communication” at Polimoda, Italy.

Photographer: Szilveszter Mako
Stylist: Szylvester Mako
Model: Camillo Majerczyk

About the designer

Giulia Farencena Casaro is a 21 years old Fashion Design student in her third year at Polimoda in Florence, Italy. She was born in Bologna, Italy. She spent her childhood in South Tyrol speaking German and growing up bilingual. She attended the High School degree in sciences and foreign languages. During her school career she constantly faced integration problems because of her Italian roots.

She joined Polimoda after winning a scholarship exceeding her own expectations. Throughout an in depth emotional analysis she wants to express a socio-cultural criticism exploring unusual materials. She sees her customers as “poster people” who are able to express what they feel instead of following values suggested by a social media driven society. Design, as well as being a liberation movement, can also be the means in order to change features and human’s mentality.