HUF Magazine Issue 41 Out Now

This issue of HUF Magazine features an exclusive interview with professional photographer Magic Owen. Magic shared her story with us. She revealed how modelling as a child and teen affected her and how she picked up her first camera.

Our photo editorials are works of art in themselves. This issue, we feature striking images from Alicia Shi, Mina Son, Tina Chang, Daniela Glunz, Asja Pfirrmann, Joaquin Morodo, Simone Goldieri, Martin Brown, Claire Harrison, Eliska Kyselkova and Aleksandr√° Klicka.

Apologies to all parents and children in advance but I can confirm that Elmo (not just a puppet but also a talented actor and stunt artist) was working with a professional support team who ensured no harm came to him. Remember though, kids do not try this at home.

Have a great Summer. Enjoy the sunshine responsibly and let your creativity shine through in everything you do.


*Interested in getting publish with HUF Magazine? We are always calling for submission to be featured on our web-site and in our print issue. If you think you have what it take to be feature in HUF Magazine, e-mail your submission to [email protected] . PLEASE make sure you have read our “Submission FAQ” page to ensure your submission qualify our criteria to avoid disqualification.

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