London Fashion Week September 2017 – Apu Jan

Before The Last Petal Falls SS18

Apu Jan is a London Based designer who is known for his womenswear label that is rich in innovative knitwear techniques, complex prints and patterns. He opened up his London Fashion Week show titled “Before The Last Petal Falls” with live music from DJ Question Mark, who collaborated with Jordan Pharoach, Douglas Pisterman and Refa Wang filled the atmosphere with a romantic sound of R&B, Soul and House. Sounds from keys, the soulful voice and a cello filled the room waiting for a show that was ready to be revealed.

Apu Jan designs are shaped by traditional oriental silhouettes that are brought to life through three-dimensional visual effects made by his pioneering knitwear craftsmanship that he executes so brilliantly.

The collection was filled of pastel colour with the odd pop of bold colour garments made of rich fabrics and silks that graced the room of the Freemasons hall at Fashion Scout. The work that goes into Apu Jan’s work is craftsmanship genius, He never fails to impress. With each collection it’s clear to see the passion he has and the work that goes into his work.

The images speak for themselves,

“I remembered there was a garden in full blossom ;
Before the last leaf fell, I remembered there was a forest full of green ;
The last snowflake, the last sand grain, the last teardrop…
Nothing gold can stay.
So let me cast a spell for you, it’s necessary to freeze the beauty of flowers, it’s necessary to freeze
the fragrance of coffee, and it’s necessary to freeze the imagination of our youth”.

Credit: Wayne Noir