Ruone Yan Collection – Everything Of You, Is Everything Of Me

Ruone Yan is a menswear designer who recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art university. She was selected as one of the two undergraduate designers to showcase menswear collection at the New York Fashion Week this past season.

Inspired by Cephalotus plant, Ruone has produced a menswear collection that borrows its intriguing silhouettes and forms to convey the idea of struggling insects being devoured by the carnivorous plant. Utilizing a monochromatic nature based color story, paired with natural canvas materials and oolong tea – dyed jersey, the collection aims to represent a feeling of captive.

Photographer: Fujio Emura
Designer: Ruone Yan
Stylist: Chaw Chaw Su San
Makeup: Ian Brito
Grooming: Riley Fitzjarrell
Models: Anders Donatelli and Schuyler Whiting @ Stars Model Management

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