Swain McCaughrin Headpieces Collection – Crystal Habit Forming_

Swain McCaughrin is a Berlin-based visual artist, working in multiple mediums including paper, acrylics, oils, and 3D printed materials. Her wearable sculptures, inhabiting the name MISASSEMBLED, are collections of geometric forms, focusing on headpieces, body sculptures, and jewelry. Her latest series of headpieces called “Crystal Habit Forming” is based on the lines, colors, and forms of minerals and metals. The sculptures are made by folding paper into open or closed shapes, stitching them together, then adding wood pieces, fabric, and other found materials. Representative of the visually stunning and endless combinations for design found in nature, her headpieces seek to provide the opportunity of experiencing the space between art and fashion.

She started making wearable art in New York City in the mid 2000s, as a creative escape from the office life she had at the time. She found a place for creative expression in nightlife, where she made large scale installations for warehouse parties, and began folding paper and other materials to create sculptural geometric designs to wear to the art-themed parties. This newfound inspiration led to her career as a makeup artist, where she worked on editorials, commercial shoots, music videos, and movies.

She has shown her work in New York and now resides in Berlin, focusing on art.

Photographer: Ashley DuPree
Headpiece designer: Swain McCaughrin
Model: Aja Jane