Vanessa Klumb Collection – Vigilante

This collection “Vigilante” is inspired by the Gulabi Gang. It deals with this gang of women in India as well as the role of women in society. The Gulabi Gang fights for rights and dignity of girls and women in India. In spite of this serious topic, the collection doesn´t reflect dark colors, because the women shouldn’t be seen as victims but as strong and powerful individuals. Therefore the outfits are very colorful supplemented with glitter effects, but also wearable and sportive. The collection plays also with clichés of India like creating yoga bags within the collection. Furthermore the title is embroidered over all accessories like the bags or belts. Location for the shooting was a subway station located in Frankfurt. The station is completely covered with white tiles and creates a special atmosphere.

Photographer: Caspar Arnhold
Designer: Vanessa Klumb
Makeup & hair: Irene Fast
Model: Lisa @ Eastwest Models